• Tony Frobisher

Those Muslims...

A poem about Muslims....

Those Muslims.... Those Muslims.... Yeah you know the ones Those Muslims.... The ones that say hello Smiling at you wherever you go Those Muslims who cook your food Are courteous kind and never rude Who wish peace on you and all they meet Shake your hand stop and chat in the street Those Muslims sharing a joke and a laugh Riding bikes and kicking a ball in a park The ones who help and try their best The ones who work so hard weary in need of rest Those Muslims who stood and cried The day my daughter died Carried her laid her gently in the ground Stood in respect as the rain poured down Who cared for me and helped me through

With love and prayers An entire community, who In unison, as one, collective in their grief Soothing words and generous acts Brought some relief From the sadness and pain Those Muslims...for we are all equal Those Muslims...yeah you know the ones, People.

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