• Tony Frobisher

Morning in Indonesia

Morning in Indonesia is a sensory experience.....

4am All is quiet Night's cloak envelopes Everywhere still silent No hustle no bustle 4:15am Silence broken The call to prayer Beckoning the faithful 'Prayer is better than sleep' Weary bodies dutifully rise The cockerels crow Loud and proud Dawn's cacophonous chorus All around 5am Music unescapably assails Sonorous thumping drums beat Dut..dut..dangdut Melifluous flutes filling cool morning air The ubiquitous music of the village Accompanying lyrical birdsong 5:15am A distant rumble growing louder The early commuters In car bus truck van On moped motorbike and bicycle Streets thronged with movement A discordant screech of horns 6am Life in full swing Noise fills the air Children en route to school laughing Motorbikes race by put-put-putter Exhausted exhausts roar like thunder 6:30am Sounds join with smells As the market shoppers return Pots pans clang hiss and sizzle Today's menu tasted on a cool breeze Early. Everything happens so early that The sun still hides Peeping warily over the horizon Not yet ready to face the morning orchestra

#morning #Indonesia #noise


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