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Clifftop School

I spent 7 years from September 1979 to July 1986 at a boarding school in Dover, The Duke of York's Royal Military School. At times I loathed it, every minute I wanted to be away. At other times it was tolerable, occasionally pleasurable. Looking back to almost 40 years since I first walk through those gate there is one overriding positive from that experience. Friendships made and friendships that have endured.

30 years and more since I darkened these doors

7 years within halls, dorms and classroom trapped

Longing to be out but kept

A military hamster spinning in frustration

March here, march there, march bloody everywhere

By the left quick march, April May June July

How the months would crawl by

Yet holidays flew, lightning quick days

And summer’s play was over

The swift return, time to learn all that we say you should know

Always better out than in

That school on the clifftop in Dover

But what remains of those troubled days

When those thrown together by military fate went separate ways

A curious glue stuck and stayed

Friendships formed on the fields we played

Time never could break that bond, no matter the decades gone

School, bricks, mortar, parades, rugby and dining hall

All contained in thoughts of what lay beyond these walls

Memories to hold for some, but moreover

It’s the friendships that burn the brightest

In that school on the clifftop in Dover

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