• Tony Frobisher

Europe's Shores

Winter stems the frightened tide

Frozen into tents afraid to escape they stay and hide

Harsh winds blow life's displaced remaining

Resolute, determined but in one place

A chill silence greets each dawn

Those left behind, lives lost they mourn

Yearning to return to a land loved, now shattered

A future awaits but where no matter

For with winter's end spring returns

Spring's tide of humanity once more in motion

In overcrowded dinghy to cross an ocean

To face the wrath of wave and wind and water

Arbitrary hand of fate..salvation or slaughter

Those that land on Europe's shores

Face the wrath of closed doors

Slammed shut by those afraid to care

Fear ignorance beyond the refugee they stare

But for those taken by waters deep

Their resting place eternal sleep

May still be those distant shores of sanctity

Washed up on their European destiny

#migration #refugees #war

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