• Tony Frobisher

Here...But Gone

A poem I hesitated to share...it is very personal emotional for me. The moment when my daughter Milla was here, but gone.

Here but gone

Lifeless eyes that once shone

Eyes that once danced in recognition

Eyes that spoke where words were absent

The light into a soul of such gentle beauty

Extinguished in a silent moment

Stilled in arms that shook in grief

The same arms that cradled and held

Held you as you passed to eternal sleep

Arms that ached from carrying you and

Ache forever to hold you again

A face of calm repose

A smile gone that was once ever present

A smile now denied

Disappeared to memory

But always recalled

Your eyes closed

As mine closed

Tears falling to land on hand held

A final touch...a final goodbye

Let me be as much your memory

As you are mine

#grief #loss #sadness #memories

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