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Miles Apart

My daughters Jewel and Milla, born two days apart in Liverpool

Died 10 years apart and buried 7,500 miles apart. Jewel in Liverpool and Milla in Central Java, Indonesia...losing both my daughters is devastating and overwhelming. Not being able to visit both regularly is very hard to take.

Miles apart

How can you start

To even contemplate

How cruel fate

Revealed its hand

Lay you to rest in distant lands

Separated by years

Unified with tears

Separated by miles, land and sea

Lives born, lived then ceased to be

Torn between west and east

We cry tears that will not cease

Yet despite continental divide

On opposite sides of this earth you lie

Your soul and spirit play

Once more together again to stay

Sisters again united as one

This earth holds that which has gone

But we know not how or when

Together we all will be, together again

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