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Stone Silent

Borobodur in Central Java, Indonesia...a truly astounding monument and testament to the craftsmanship of centuries ago. A place I have often visited that evokes a sense of wonder and awe. The largest Buddhist monument in the world, visited by people in their hundreds and thousands every day. Yet, it sits, stoic, resolute, silent. History absorbed.

Stone silent Majestic risen

What history contained

Within each brick laid

What conversation heard

Secrets shared and lost

Hands long since turned to dust

Imprinted in step and stupa

Myriad tales carved under merciless sun

Tireless intricate work crafting legacy

Centuries past celebrated in the present

Stone silent

Echoing civilisation past

Voices absorbed now disappeared

Forgotten unspoken unremembered

That toiled in sweat with scant reward

To build an eternal reminder of all they did

Silent as stone

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