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With the general election around the corner and yet another chance to go out and vote and change the country for the better...just like every other election, referendum, local council vote or political tom-bloody-bola, the silly season has arrived and is in full swing.

Vacuous politicians sounding off, devoid of substance and hard fact, tit for tat, brick for bat, blow upon blow with the voting population watching the show....But one thing they all want is for everyone to

"Follow Us......."

Follow us follow us

We'll tell all you need, in us you can trust

Be our party people

Be the party sheeple

Fake news fact check

Party donation in sordid fat cheque

Vote us as we stand for election

Self-aggrandised full of pretension

Promise the earth

Promises worth...nothing

Smile inane among the great unwashed

False pleasantries or votes will be lost

Photo opportunity beside branded bus

Follow us follow us

Manifesto manifestly full

Of untruths and utter bull

Travel the country to press the flesh

While bias media fail to press

The slick politic the sick politician

Loaded questions without ammunition

Democracy meritocracy

Autocracy hypocrisy

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Manipulated bombastic politics

Questions avoided answers missed

Blinded with numbers percentages and lists

Society our people in us you can trust

So ignore the stench follow us follow us

#politics #election #politicians #voting

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