• Tony Frobisher

To My Older Self

To My Older Self

(A 17 Year Old's Observations of the Future) I look at you, face lined by years of life I look at you, hair receded by the low tide of time I see behind your eyes to a life of experience I see your mistakes faults and regrets I witness the pain of loss and sadness that wells from the pit of your stomach to rest in your heart But I also see the joy of parenthood The excitement of travel to come The wonder of discovery and learning Of languages and cultures unknown I see books unfold before me as yet unread Of songs yet to be sung All this is to come as I am still young A naive footstep begins the journey Into the world that lies ahead I see all this the good the bad the joy and sad But can I, would I change my future to come? Cherry pick the best bits Discarding the rest out of fear?

But I can not. The future is that. Unchanged.

#future #life #aging

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