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Sei Das Licht / Be The Light

A poem in German and English....I was born in Germany when my father was stationed there with the British army. I grew up with an appreciation of the German people and a love for the country. My German is however not as good as it once was...

Der Mensch hat noch nicht gelernt, dass wenn jemand Hass in seinen Augen trägt, es unmöglich ist, ihr Herz zu sehen

Wenn die Augen dunkel und undurchdringlich bleiben, ist es nur die Liebe, die Licht hereinlassen kann Liebe ist Licht, sei das Licht

Man has still not learned That if someone has hatred in their eyes

It is impossible to see their heart If the eyes remain dark and impenetrable

It is only love that can let light in Light is love, be the light

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