• Tony Frobisher

Time Flows

On 13th June it was 6 months since Milla passed away. 6 months that have passed with a rapidity, a swiftness that is astonishing. Astonishing in that time has seemed to stand still...but has moved on inexorably, unceasing...time is distance and separation.

You move further away, but cling to memories to tie you to that time.

Milla has been ever present, every moment awake surrounded by reminders of her, thoughts and memories, triggered by places or by senses; a sound or smell that recalls our happy smiling girl.

May time bring peace and still my turbulent mind.

Milla, loved always, at peace. Love you. Dad. XxxX

Time Flows

I sit and wait with only the company of thoughts Light reflects from silvered river Flowing calm, unnoticed, unhindered While I sit unable to move for weight of memory Burdened, beaten, exhausted, empty

As hours flowed to days to weeks to months As time flowed and distanced itself from then Enjoined by time unable to fight against time's cruel separation Reluctant passenger, I travel torn further from you

I sit and wait as time continues to push me away Away from the last time I heard, saw and touched Though memories remain undiminished unsullied Flowing in thoughts constant As constant as that silver river, as constant as time

#bereavement #rememberance #time #love #loss #sadness

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