• Tony Frobisher

Distant You Lie

A poem of longing. To lose a loved one is so painful, even more so when your loved one is so far from you and you can not visit them. Milla, although buried in Indonesia, is often visited by family, at least once a week. Milla and her granddad's graves lie next to each other and are lovingly tended and covered in beautiful pink and white rose petals. Distant You Lie Distant you lie Calm cool morning light The quiet broken by birdsong Mournful and longing A song of yearning Distant you lie Time and age no longer your keeper Forever be still forever lie still The world resonates in each passing day Oblivious to where you lay Distant you lie Though so close in heart and thought Distance is no more a barrier When you close your eyes at night And dream you no longer lie But are here

#bereavement #loss #distance

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