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On Father's Day

This year Father's Day is a poignant and sad time for me. The first Father's Day where I have not had those beautiful beaming smiles from Milla and a cuddle to say 'Love you Dad!' I had an extra cuddle from Louisa and a lovely handmade card.

To be a father is my proudest achievement. To continue to be as good a father for Louisa as I can is what I am determined to do. By doing so I will honour Milla and her memory, as well as Jewel, our first daughter who passed away 17 days after her birth in 2006.

Am I half the father I was a year ago? No, I am twice the father. And always will be.

On Father's Day

One less card today But no less a father's day A day where sadness and pride Stand side by side Sadness ever present Though you are not Pride I was your father And I have never stopped I was...I am your Dad

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