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Summer's Tears

Summer has arrived with a heatwave in the UK. On Father's Day towns and parks, river sides and lakes, hill tops, forests and beaches thronged to the sound of happy families enjoying summer's warmth..seemingly carefree and basking in the searing afternoon sun.

Yet for me, the arrival of summer means that while I too enjoy all the summer brings, there is part of me that yearns and gnaws and nags away at me...wanting Milla to be here enjoying it too.

Today we returned to Ludlow for a day out and a visit to the castle. A place we had been to before with Milla and Louisa. A place of happy memories, now tinged with a heaviness and sadness. The two emotions sitting uncomfortably side by side.

Summer's Tears

As life moves on forward into a future uncertain

As we return to a place spent in happy reverie

A time then when summer skies shone brilliant, azure

A time now when the same skies have lost their hue

Summer's here warm with days long

Summer's here days long, days of tears

Summer's here, rain remains absent

Summer's here though tears still fall

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