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Opinons - A Poem for the Keyboard Warrior


You stumble across a discussion (or thread to use the common parlance) on Twitter or Facebook and should you make the depressing mistake of reading the exchanges, you come away thinking there is no common ground, decency, respect or kindness anymore.

The exchanges rapidly degenerate into sweary, hate-filled rants, personal attack and unpleasant, nasty, viscious opinion. I try to disengage though it is unavoidable in the world where every and anything is shared for all to see in a click of mouse.

You try to avoid the baleful bilious diatribe but it is hard where such vitriol is so casually thrown about. The keyboard warrior, that brave specimen, sits and churns out discrimination, vile comment and hatred from the comfort and safety of their bedroom, behind closed doors and never face to face with those they abuse.

They feel at liberty to berate and hate, to state what you should believe, to foist their opinions on every item that pops up on Facebook and Twitter. Free speech...the I'm alright Jack brigade.

Take them to task and the response is usually "£**& you! it's a free country...can say what I like."

My poem "Opinionated. A Poem for the Keyboard Warrior" is written from the imagined perspective of a Keyboard Warrior. Such shallow disregard for the opinion of others, the worth of fair and rational debate, the opportunity to broaden and share opposing viewpoints and to agree to disagree is sadly lost on so many.

And unlike the vast majority of the 'twitterarti-twatterarti' I hope my grammar passes muster. (And I tend to use lower case, not shouty UPPER CASE too).


Opinionated. A Poem for the Keyboard Warrior

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