• Tony Frobisher


Cycling has long been a passion. Nothing compares to the freedom you feel when out on a ride. The perfect antidote to life's stresses and strains. Cycling is therapy. Cycling is healing. Cycling is free.


Free is to taste the sweat that trickles on to tongue and stings salted eyes as you crest a long painful climb

Free is to pedal with increasing slowness into the teeth of a gale, blowing a headwind through your dulled and aching head

Free is to take a turn in the road unplanned and undecided until that moment arrives...to embark towards a destination you hadn't expected

Free is to cycle and cycle again..to recycle the pleasure and memories of long rides through landscapes ever changing with the seasons and distance covered

Free is the bicycle. Free is the ride. Free is the turn of pedal, the heave of chest, the pained legs, the return home exhausted, satisfied, ready to ride again and to feel nothing.

Except free.

#cycling #bicycle #freedom #emotion

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