• Tony Frobisher

Dark Clouds

Fear Worry Stress Anxiety Depression Low Mood Grief Sadness Loss So many people struggle with mental illness and suffer in silence. Cycling has helped me overcome many of my issues, in particular bouts of depression and the grief after my daughter Milla passed away. A choice of remaining static, inertia dragging you further under or getting out and moving...cycling can be therapy. Each hill a test...each hill an issue to be faced, a challenge to be dealt with head on. Each summit and crest an achievement for confronting your personal discomfort and worries. Each downhill the reward. How will you feel the ecstatic euphoric pleasure of descending the hill, if you fail to climb it in the first place.

Dark Clouds

When dark clouds gather overhead

You can choose to run and hide

Or you can choose to face them instead

You may get drenched or you may stay dry

You will never know

Unless you try

#clouds #depression #anxiety #mentalillness #cycling

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