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Summer by the Seaside - an ode to the English seaside part 1 & 2

Summer by the Sea

An Ode to The English Seaside

Part 1 was written in a Great Yarmouth seafront Chinese buffet peering through misted windows towards the beach and sea invisible through sheeting rain.

Part 2 was written on Hunstanton beach with the smells of the sea mingling with chips and freshly fried donuts

Inspiring (for my poetry at least)

Part 1

2nd August 2017 - Great Yarmouth

Summer by the Sea

Cold and wet Pouring rain and stormy winds Tat and more tat in tacky shops Clank and clink as punters sink Pennies and pounds To the disappointing sounds Of the whistles and whirs Down promenades esplanades and parades All lights a-flashing in florid amusement arcades Trudge and sludge on sodden sand Past the deserted bandstand No longer a grandstand But of course we'll return Because we always yearn For an English summer by the sea Salt and sun and hours of fun But weather chances are You'll endure that ice cream From the warmth Of your car

Part 2

4th August 2017 - Hunstanton

Seaside Tales of Seaside Travails

Leaden skies with a crack of blue Billowing pillows puffed grey & whited hue Sea the colour of long since cold coffee Crunch of sticky rock and chew of toffee Tatoos, vests and shorts stroll fag in hand By pebbled beach and muddy sand Mingling with violet perm, pastel cardigan & sandals Graffiti-ed walls domain of yob and vandals As seagulls wail and cry and fight Over chips discarded in the night As bins flow over and cafes hum Seaside again here we come

The Authentic English Summer Seaside Experience

As presented to you by a soggy / windswept 'poète sur la plage'..... Hurrah for summer.

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