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High Street

I am commemorating the 10 years since the economic crisis began with a poem entitled 'High Street'

Despite strained economic times, government cutbacks, rising costs, more and more people are finding themselves in financial difficulty through their overspending...on stuff.

Whose fault is it?...The person who can not resist that have to have it item...the companies that relentlessly advertise stuff you have to executives cleverly manipulating the public into believing they must have more stuff.

I listened to a phone in on overspending. One mother had racked up debts of £100,000 just by spending and spending. On what? Where does it all go? How on earth can you spend 100k....where does the money come from in the first place?

The is the age of ease and convenience...Amazon 1 click purchases...everything you could ever need available online... contactless beep and you've paid for it & credit cards for all, food banks are in ever higher demand, more families are living in poverty and the gap between the haves and have nots widens further.

The High Street

The High Street The end is nigh street The I want it have to have it I need it it needs me street Where the withdrawn withdraw To spend it all and return home Laden with bags and boxes Of things they didn't need Parting with money they don't have An insatiable greed The we're open til late street The come and buy it's great street Street of dreams turned nightmare The 2 for 1 street of contactless gain The come back again street The financial pain street The hi and buy High Street

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