• Tony Frobisher

The Staircase

Dreams may often seem unattainable..out of reach. But with effort and determination to succeed, we can climb to our dreams. We can stand on high. But once achieved, we have to decide if we can further our dreams...do we go back to where we were, satiated and satisfied, fulfilled or challenge ourselves to further goals?

The Staircase

A last languished gaze To a place up high Hidden in dreams Clouded fretful dreams That first step ponderous unsteady Followed slowy by another Tentative uncertain Step by each increasing step Ever upward ever climbing Confidence gained Sure afoot steady strong Twisting around a staircase That reveals the next step to face As you turn corners that never seem to end Step steep step long until breathless The goal achieved You stand atop consumed in dreams Attainable reachable dreams But then you wonder Will you ever be able to descend again Descend those twists and turns Returning to a life before And would you even want to

#dreams #life #confidence #hopes

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