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Share / Divided Partager / Divisé

Share / Divided Partager / Divisé We share the same emotions We share laughter and tears We share hopes fears dreams and plans Yet we define ourselves as divided Divided by language Divided by geography Divided by 'otherness' But is not the cloud that drifts between us Ignorant of such division? And does not the endless sky Stretch over us in unity?

Written as I stood atop The White Cliffs of Dover looking across the English Channel / La Manche at a clear horizon of France

There is such division in our world, based upon what? The language we speak, the colour of our skin, the religion we choose to follow or not. When in essence we are all the same. The human race. Though life lived with our fellow human beings should be about unity and togetherness, shared experience, hopes and dreams, kindness towards our family friends and strangers and foreigners alike. For we are all foreigners to a different place. And do we not wish to be treated equally, with respect, warmth and tolerance.

As I looked across the English Channel and saw the coast of France, almost in touchable distance it seemed, I thought about how our French neighbours stood on the cliff tops distant view me and us here. Those English...or those people? Vive le difference. We are all one. Humanity.

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