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Friendships (Reunited /Rekindled)

Friendships (Reunited Rekindled) Stood in stillness Sunlit reflection and Time paused as we Recalled memories Long ago forgotten With voices sounded Again clear resonant Those school boy ways And childhood days Rekindled in the spark of The flames of friendships That decades ago ignited And burn bright still Gather once more Reunite embrace As if time no longer Has any more a place Between friends _________________________________ A poem of friendship. Friendships borne of decades past, formed in a time and place fate led us to.

School friends made who remain.

School friends who despite lost years, contact unmade, stay friends and always will. A bond that remains matter how much time tries. For time is an irrelevance where friendships are made. Dedicated especially to my friends from my school on top of the cliffs in Dover and many friends made in the years since.

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