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The View

The View She didn't move Her memory present still Where once we stared to hilltopped horizon In shared space and time To timeless hills coppice and cloud She didn't move While I returned to views Darkened in sadness Dulled to pain and loss Wanting to again gaze in togetherness She didn't move I sensed her in the wind And heard her in the bird song I saw her vivid yet translucent A memory that smiled with me At such splendid view She didn't move And why would she? This view of verdancy Unchanged a constant calm And peace and presence in memory forever held She didn't move... The view remained And so did she _____________________________ When you have shared a time a space an experience together and that person is no longer with you, a return brings many emotions. You feel their presence and hear their voice..The inanimate takes on new meaning and memories become whole, tangible. The view you shared is the same...but your perspective has altered entirely. Photograph taken on the Malvern Hills, where we had one of our final walks as a family before my daughter Milla passed away. Whenever I return to the Malvern Hills or view them from a distance, I feel and hear and sense Milla.

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