• Tony Frobisher

Time... Immemorial

Time... Immemorial From the distance of memory A view, a building, unchanged Whereas I have changed Changed as time drifted With gathering rapidity Years passing Momentous or unmemorable And changes seen and felt In ways never anticipated Brick and mortar Form and structure Tradition and solidity preserved But my own mortality Ever present in thought As the years roll by What was present before In time immemorial Will be present after As years turn to decades And centuries pass to history Will this building ever echo To the sound of our names again? _____________________________ On a first return to my old boarding school in 25 years, it was heartening to see some things were exactly the same. The school chapel still stands proud, a beautiful building that has seen many a school boy sit upon pew in forced boredom of obligatory service, whether beholden to a belief or none. But a beautiful building all the same that remains unchanged. And will long after those school boys have grown to old age and gone.

#time #change #past #future #school #reunion #memories

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