• Tony Frobisher

Tears In the Rain

Tears in the Rain When you cry in the rain Tears stream and fall to dissolve With sympathetic raindrops Though your tears may be instantly washed away They leave behind tracks of sadness As visible and painful As the burning summer sun _____________________________ Can you ever recover from the loss of your own child? No. The grief is always there. You just have to learn to accept and accomodate it. Know it will strike you when you are low vulnerable or unsuspecting. I cycled over 50 miles in the rain...my daughter Milla was in my constant thoughts. Almost a year since she passed away. And the last 20 miles the tears flowed and were as one with the rain. Photo: The River Avon at Eckington, Worcestershire where I sat to reflect, remember and shed more tears. And all colour washed away to black and white.

#sadness #tears #grief #loss #bereavement

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