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Night Falls

Night Falls Night falls unspoken Unwelcomed unstoppable In hushed whispered tones Darkness enveloping all encompassing A blanket of forgotten daylight Where memories made in the shadows of days Are withered to nothing Night toys with conscience and thought To torment in restless dreams To mock and laugh Night, where nothing is as it seems or appears Teasing provoking fears Until the dawn light nears And splinters the night Cracked from black to colour And night slowly sinks Banished, burdened, bereft And with the sun's ascent So do our memories once more rise And all our fears of night subside _________________________________ Night returns and with each the self same fears that you carried with you as a child. Irrational maybe, but there is always a welcome sigh of relief to see daylight return. For while night is irrational, day to speaks to us in understandable rational logic. Darkness confuses everything and daylight produces clarity.

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