• Tony Frobisher


Heart...Broken Broken, an entire heart In entire despair, decimated So why try to fix it, if it is irreparable? Ah but even the most broken Can be reassembled and every part Shattered scattered strewn Into sorrow and sadness Can soon start to be put together By slither and splinter and shard One by one...painstaking painful Drawn out and slowed almost to still Yet let time crawl on And your heart will emerge Repaired though never quite the same You will see it in time Restored and never again Broken _____________________________ Time heals even the most broken of hearts. But by definition time takes time. Almost a year since Milla, my daughter, passed away and time has helped ease the pain. No longer a sharp stab of anguished pained disbelief. Now a constant dull ache that beats and thrums a constant refrain. Sometimes soft other times excruciating and loud. But ever present. Ever painful.

#sadness #loss #bereavement #grief #heartbreak #healing

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