• Tony Frobisher

Inside / Outside

Inside where life is safe Outside where life takes place Inside trapped in thought Outside where you ought to be But can't and won't Because you don't feel You really belong But step outside breathe deep and smile You'll see you're wrong No matter what you think they think of you You belong....you really do _____________________________ Life with anxiety is intimidating and worrying...concerned how others see you, perceive you, judge you....what they think or worse still, may say about you. Wanting to be anonymous, but not wanting to be ignored either. When in reality people are accepting, kind and welcoming. If only you can get beyond the closed door in your mind and the door that leaves you encased in your home, your safe place. Open the door and step outside. You can do it. There is kindness waiting.

#anxiety #socialanxiety #kindness #mentalhealth

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