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Think Of Me

Think Of Me Think of me when tears flow Think of me in sadness Think of me when pain is unbearable Think of me in times of despair But think of me and the tears that track and fall will cease and dry The sadness to dissipate, replaced with a happiness ever present reflected in my smile The pain to fade, the hurting a forgotten moment The despair no more, but hope returned Think of me for while sadness will always be present The happiness and love of a life lived in love Will always negate emotions negative For a smile is always remembered more than a frown And laughter echoes longer and louder than tears _____________________________ A year ago on 13th December 2016, the most terrible day dawned. And time stopped. And feels as if it has yet to start again. Exactly a year has passed since Milla left us. Every day since Milla has been in our hearts, our thoughts, our memories and our prayers. A year of grieving and sadness. Of reflection and emptiness. But while we grieve still for our beautiful daughter Milla, it is her happiness and personality that continues to inspire and touch so many. And that is what we should remember. A smile that was the essence of Milla's soul and communicated so much. I miss Milla so much. And her amazing smile that remains indelible in my memory and in my heart. Today, although sadness remains and tears will flow, I will do what Milla did every day; irrespective of disability and despite so many difficulties and challenges. Smile. Smile that Milla was a little girl who gave so much and was loved by so many. Smile that Milla was our daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, schoolmate, friend. Smile because that is what Milla did. Smile because Milla's smile is her legacy. I love you and miss you Milla. Today I will smile for you. Today I will #smileformilla I hope you will remember Milla too and share the message #smileformilla Thank you Tony

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