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Tradition Beat of drum and rallying call Steeped in history Stepped in unison Marching to the sound Of tradition unflinching Steadfast in the past Unyielding unchanged Eyes right for what is left Of tradition are values Instilled and ingrained Values permanent solidified Imbued to character and personality Tradition remains Archaic maybe Unapologetic definitely While the world modern at pace Changes in rapid time But hold on to traditions For morality decency honesty respect Are more worthy now than ever they were _____________________________ My old school, the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover, was founded as a school for sons of soldiers. It has seen much progress and development and modernity in the ensuing 32 years since I left. What remains firmly in place are the traditions...military parades and marching band, a military ethos and instilling values in the boys (and for many years now girls) who study there. The traditions may appear outdated yet teach tomorrows leaders and decision makers values core to their success and ensure our society will continue to grow and benefit.

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