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Eyes Spoken

Eyes Spoken There is more spoken In the eyes of those with love Held in gentle heart Ànd in the smile that speaks volumes Than from the tongues Of those who speak at length In myriad words devoid of feeling Intent only to be heard For sometimes you need not a single utterance To understand their every emotion All you require is a heart of patience and kindness And to look into their eyes Then you will know _____________________________ That my daughter Milla was unable to speak due to cerebral palsy was of course challenging for her and us. But this disability was outweighed by her beautiful ability. Through her smile and through her soft brown eyes illuminate her emotions. She communicated so much. It was a gift that we treasured. How I wish I could look deep into her eyes again and feel the warmth of her smile. Your smile lives on Milla.

And we will always smile for you. XxxX

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