• Tony Frobisher

Sun Over Mountain Rose

Sun Over Mountain Rose The sun over mountain rose And the mountains moved In rhythmic shock waves Of light that celebrated Our very existence Convulsing to the dawn That plundered the heart's depths And raged happy in the emotions That burst with the sun rising over the highest ridge One moment darkness and bitter cold Unrelenting interminable night The shadow of the great rock face brooded malevolent And conjured thoughts that saddened and froze with every breath But then a flicker of morning And the rock face smiled in early shadows And with it the awakening of mind and body To the blinding brilliance and warmth That trickled first as a meltwater stream Then in torrent rushed to every pore And flooded nerve and muscle Life giving affirming restorative And though we had borne witness To a thousand previous dawns and more Could any have matched this; That seared into the retinas of our memories And ever warmed the soul _____________________________ 6 years ago I was fortunate to witness Nepal and the Himalayas in every perceivable light. And none rendered you more dumb and awestruck than a Himalayan sunrise.

#sunrise #mountains #winter #night #morning #sunlight

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