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Walk On By

Walk On By They walk on by. Pass someone sat on cardboard mat, Wrapped in layers thin and threadbare; Bearing a face in an endless stare Of hopelessness and despair. Walk on by and unsee That person..that person. Who is not a shape or a forgotten moment. But a name, a past, a present. But what future holds... Bundled in dirty blanket cold. Lifeless eyes flit at an endless parade Of legs and heads, Desperate to catch those lifeless eyes, That try and fail to disguise, That they know... They see and they understand That this man exists And breathes the same air And shares the same desire To be anywhere but here. To be somewhere where warmth and welcome Are met in a smile and embrace, Memories of a home creased in dirt lined face And lifeless eyes that screw tight And shine behind in memories Which blur as single tears flow, Cleaning pathways down grimy cheeks, Unwashed and wearing the streets Upon which they sit Waiting for someone to stop. Just one person. Just for a moment to stop... And talk and acknowledge existence Gentle eyes that shine with life And a smile meant genuine kind Yet they walk on by... And their lifeless eyes turn away, Seeing, knowing, but forever Blind _____________________________ How many of us take a moment to actually see the person behind the shape that sits cold and hopeless, homeless, on the pavement as we pass by? If you can, give them a hot drink, some food, an item of warm clothing you no longer need and a warm smile of caring - do it...kindness matters.

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