• Adedayo Ademokoya


A poem I received from Adedayo Ademokoya, from Nigeria

Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer and a poet. He is an undergraduate of Osun State University, Osogbo. studying agronomy, with a flair for writing and a lover of football who supports Manchester United FC. He is also known as Fantastic Dee.

He was moved to write to me after learning of the loss of my daughter, Milla and asked if I would consider posting his poem 'Tribute' on my blog - a tribute to his late father.

My thanks and best wishes Adedayo


A long day and a long night The result of a heart engraved in darkness Refusing to acknowledge The flowers fade and the mighty trees fall He believed it was a dream And wants to face reality But alas! This is reality The eyelids closed in death The body turned cold and frozen At this moment his mind was at a standstill Turbulent tranquility filled his soul Joy was taken away Life seem meaningless “What has life come to?” he asked Live today die the next Only God knows the best He hoped his soul would soon heal But he had lost someone special. (Tribute to my late Dad).


#bereavement #memories #loss #grief

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