• Tony Frobisher

Home and Heart

Home and Heart Home Where the heart is But what use is your heart When you have left your home Because it is broken to ruin Shattered like the dreams You once doodled In schoolbooks Now torn and charred Scattered by the bitter winds Of change and hate Home Where bullet and bomb Replaced music and song And the only songs that play Are the shrieks and cries Of abandoned lives, left Cowering in the dust Not knowing if...when They will be turned to dust Another memory lost Home Where the heart once was But lies now broken Beating but beaten Debris and desolation Pumped in saddened repetition That heart you carry now Can never be the same As that you left And each beat takes you ever distant From where the heart should be And may never be again Home _____________________________ Home and Heart. A poem of displacement and longing for home. The reality of civil conflict, war, displacement, enforced eviction and expulsion, the threat of violence all around. Home abandoned, when the last thing anyone who joins the sad tide of humanity as a refugee wants is to leave home.

#home #refugees #migration #war #conflict #family

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