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Sinar Bulan (Moon Rays)

Tonight is a Super Blood Blue Moon ..extra bright and for a writer, a poet, extra inspirational. My poem in Indonesian and English. I lived and worked in Indonesia for many is a language that is beautiful and poetic. ....a poem about the Moon's Inspiration for Writers. Sinar Bulan (Moon Rays) Sinar bulan di langit gelap, Jangan pergi. Selalu isi hati saya dengan inspirasi Dan nyalakan mimpiku. Jangan pernah memadamkan cahaya Anda. Biarkan ide mengalir seperti cahaya bulan perak. Isi setiap halaman kosong dengan kata-kata, Yang mendorong dan menarik hati pembaca Membiarkan gelombang pemikiran menyusup setiap saat. _____________________________ Moon rays in the dark sky Do not leave Always fill my heart with inspiration And illuminate my dreams. Do not ever extinguish your light. Let ideas flow like silver moonlight. Fill every blank page with the words That push and pull at the hearts of readers Let the tides of thought infiltrate every moment

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