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Train Journey (Commuter's Lament)

Train Journey (Commuter's Lament) Station full to Platform rush Seat taken and Unwelcome crush Ticket check at Station approach Empty seat? Not a hope Moving again as Windows steam Announcement muffled Stations unseen Toilet locked and Buffet closed Seats still taken Row upon row From window stare And leg cramped Ticket checked again And ticket stamped At station stops they Hurried depart Trip stumble fall The train starts Journey long Journey's end Not a word So don't pretend Face to face But your eyes avert Your nameless companion With not a word But who are they And what do they do? Do they not see me Do I not see you? Two hours there Two hours back Two years spent On this wordless track Station arrives You stagger in sorrow See you again Same train tomorrow _________________________________ Years ago I left behind the rat race and the daily displeasure of commuting by train.

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