• Tony Frobisher

The Mindful Ride

The Mindful Ride Today I cycled and the road stretched empty and endless. The sun hung pleased with the afternoon,

Adorned with clouds that scudded across a winter blue sky...

Silent witnesses to my peaceful reverie. The wind teased and tormented,

One moment benevolent...the next malevolent.

But constant in its presence. The trees so saddened through a winter barren and lifeless, Beginning to stir to life once more;

Impatient for spring's arrival. And the snowdrops held firm, defiant white -

A welcomed guard either side of the road. And houses slept in somnolent villages,

Where nothing much happens and the villagers like it just so. Each village passed an island of calm and dignified silence.

And the roads went on through coppice,

Passing farms, cresting hills

To views of splendid horizon,

And life was again a pleasure. All pain faded.

Only happiness remained,

Distilled as the sweat

That dripped from my brow

In gleeful, generous drops.

#cycling #mindfulness #nature #environment #english

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