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London Contrasts

London Contrasts Hurried walks by graffitied walls Leafy strolls by tranquil canalsides And quiet reflections by still waters Silent thoughts contrast with Chaos and noise that gnaws at you A short distance beyond the peace Winter's sun bathes in chill winds As you pass the fellow walker A smile a nod, pleasantries And you pass the staggering drunk Who carries a can of oblivion Oblivious to the happy reverie Of us fortunate few Who walk on in timeless ignorance Passing the detritous and rubbish That litters this beautiful scene A metre here to a metre there A bridge that spans poverty to luxury Waters that lap either life indiscriminate Contrasts that forever continue And London remains both joy and pain Pleasure and disdain Walk on through a display of constant contrasts _____________________________ A walk along the canal in central London to Little Venice. Enjoyable and pleasant. Yet with eyes open to observation, the contrasts of London life became very apparent.

Where the mansions of millionaires are a street or a bridge crossing from those who struggle and work hard to make ends meet. The privilege and misfortune.

A very thought provoking walk.

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