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What Folly Built

What Folly Built What folly built in Brick and stone fired To create that which Could never surpass The beauty of nature But merely complement it What folly to think That those walls careful built Will remain forever permanent In enduring constancy Never to be scattered useless Or left to weathered ruin What folly this is The handprint of man's arrogance, stamped Upon a landscape defiled By buildings grandiose And splendour unparalleled What folly for all to witness And silent stare in history's presence To remark upon the fortitude Of such determined minds What folly indeed What glorious folly _____________________________ Man has always sought to display their craft and skill and their ability to create. From art to architecture, the arrogance of man has revealed itself in brush strokes and bricks lain. To create a permanence in the impermanence of life. To leave behind evidence of a life lived and recognized and significant. To leave a mark on this generation and many more to come. The folly of man...seeking eternal remembrance, long after they have seen their work for a final time.

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