• Tony Frobisher


Words How many words Are allocated In a lifetime... To be spoken, Said, pronounced, uttered? Yet how many words Fall unheard, superfluous; Caught by the winds, That blow ignorant, To intent and meaning? And how many words Strike home to resonate; Reverberating and registering, Future recalled, remembered As if clarion heard? And how many words Will be forgotten Dwindling to receding noise While silence fills volumes When words fail? _____________________________ There are days when words flow like rivers in full spate and others when they dry up, cracked and lifeless as the drought parched river bed. Some days where the sound of your own voice dominates and fills the air whether invited or not....and yet others when words shyly reside in your thoughts, reluctant to be released and unwilling to be heard. Words can be both gift and curse. But words can never be neglected.  

#writing #communication #speaking

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