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Brilliant Memories

Brilliant Memories (Of quicksilvered waters) Stood by quicksilvered waters Where each glinting mirrored ripple Reflects tranquility and peace And every wave that sparkles Reveals a memory hidden in water's depths But now risen to shining recall Brilliant and dazzling in clarity And time is an irrelevance For as long as the sunlight Dances luminous across the surface And plays in winds slight becalmed Time is forgotten and dulled to shadow But those memories radiant Bright, vivid, shine ever on _____________________________ That beautiful combination of sunlight and wind and water, conjuring the delight of bright silver reflection. To stand and watch the light play over the surface is to be lost in thought, brilliant reflection and the brightest of memories. I often seek out water to stand beside and watch and think and silently remember my beautiful shining daughter Milla. 

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