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Season's Sigh

Season's Sigh Nature sighed audible, languid Risen from flower, petal and leaf And every blade of soft blowing grass Joined in melancholy with trees That creaked in disapproving branch As approached the coming storm The birdsong fell quiet and muted And the sun shy retired to cloud Hidden behind looming grey Moody and scudding on weather That affronted the season's rhthym And denied warmth and happiness Where days dawned hopeful The enticement of memories

To be forged in sunshine and shadows But were lost and never made Replaced by dark dank empty loss As the cloudburst mocked, shameless And nature sodden shuddered, frustrated As the rains unforgiving fell And spring leaped back Ended before it began _____________________________ After a week out of the UK I returned to a dismal damp depressing scene, floods and rain. Unrelenting. Spring seems to have deserted us this year. And the sun is but a rare treat. Nature seems as frustrated as the rest of us.

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