• Tony Frobisher



On the surface The lines deepen Eroded in time And grey decorates the face Like unwanted weeds In an aging garden But within still The heart beats to recall The blood of youth And the lungs exhale advancing years To inhale once again The breath of time ago When age was a distant prospect A horizon hidden by the clouds of tomorrow's dreams _____________________________ Battle of head and heart and face and body....while the head and heart feel forever young, the face and body belie the years. Approaching my half century later this year and I still think as if I were in my early twenties, yet the body shows the wear and tear of years that pass ever more quickly. I still have days where I think I can beat everyone on a bike and still try....the boy racer...the competitive streak...the one who does not like to lose. But then other days I care not about speed or distance or fastest times and personal records. For with years comes knowledge experience and wisdom. And acceptance. I may never be as fast again. But it is not the most important thing. I ride my bike to do just that. Ride my bike. To experience that moment. To be in that moment. To return happy and content. That I still can ride. Not as fast as before...but I can still ride. 

#age #youth #thoughts

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