• Tony Frobisher

I Am The Silence

I Am The Silence I am the silence I am the stillness on windless days I am the hush of falling snow I am the nothingness of scudding cloud I am the noiselessness of the zenith sun I am the peace of waters becalmed I am the unvoiced and unsaid I am the quiet of reflection I am the tranquility of thought I am the calmness of sleep I am the paucity of sound I am the pause between breath and word I am the silence _____________________________ On many days I find company only in my thoughts and a paucity of sound. Words are few, rare and measured. Silence is all encompassing and I will sit silent,still,hushed while the noise of the world crashes around me.

#silence #reflection #thoughts #calm #quiet #peace #tranquility #mindfulness

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