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Summer Tranquility

Summer Tranquility The air was heady and thick Imbued with summer flower scent And aromas that permeated warmth Stirred by cooling breeze A quiet rustling of leaf That danced on contented tree Where mellow sounds of buzz and hum Played insect song on skittering wing Memories returned; summers of youth And soporific bird song carried far Tumbling slowly down hillside Or rising to crested views From the distance the sun drenched And heated haze blurred sea and sky Where sounds drifted and spoke of pleasure days The rhythmic crash of pleasant wave That joined with the laughter And shouts of happiness from joyous children Those summer days Vast canopy skies of tranquil blues That banished greys of cloud; evaporated, forgotten And there, where memories were made That forever remained Ensconced in happy heart Summer languished as time slowed And all around a soundscape Summer memories and summer sounds The peace of warmth Tranquility at last Tranqility found _____________________________ I love long summer days, where warmth builds slowly and nature awakens, filling the air with sound and smells. And time seems to slow and the days lengthen, seemingly unending. And time creates memories. Summer tranquility.

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