• Tony Frobisher

Of Gulls and Sunset

Of Gulls And Sunset The gulls swooped with the setting sun And majestic rose on those final thermals Soaring into evening sky Where blues blended to orange and crimson fire And the sun whispered its last warming breath Welcoming its peaceful rest And the gulls knew to fall silent Their squawks and caws stilled, unheard At peace with blackened sea Night fell slowly, to the sounds Of gentle waves, relentless, soft And when at last all was quiet The sea stilled too And the gulls were nowhere Not seen or heard Sunken with the sun in distant horizon Waiting in night calm Until light and warmth returned _____________________________ There is a magical light of a summer's setting sun that sprinkles peace and silence on everyone and everything. When even the gulls fall silent. The photograph was taken at sunset in Weston-super-Mare in the south west of the UK and is one of my favourites I have taken.

#sunset #seaside #peace #tranquility #night #day #light #dark #calm #silence

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