• Tony Frobisher

The Sea

The Sea The tang of salt in the air and the smell of the brine,

The wind that blusters and blows continuous,

Cooling in summer, chilly and refreshing in autumn.

The crunch of a pebble beach

And the soft pliable sand, gritty between your toes.

Smells of fish and chips, hot doughnuts. The sounds of seagulls cawing and laughing

As they spy your chips,

A pleading look in their eye.

Beggars and thieves one and all.

The sea dressed in colours,

From cold coffee brown to shimmering emerald,

Gunbattle grey to glimmering turquoise and aquamarine.

And the laughter of memories,

Brought upon gentle waves.


Seaside memories. _____________________________ The British Isles You are never that far from the sea... We should be grateful that we live on an island, with a coastal resource as pleasurable and plentiful as we have.

#sea #ocean #nature #environment #beach #peace #calm #memories #island #BritishIsles

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