• Tony Frobisher

Songs at Sunset

Songs at Sunset Sunset began its final call, And strains of evening song Were caught drifting in snatched notes, On a momentary breeze stiff with melody. A distant church wrapped in shadows, Where pealing bells joined With the chorus of evening bird, Nightjar and nightingale in soft song. The haunting lament of a lone owl. From the smoked yellowed sunset, Darkness crept slowly. The flame of day cooled In night's extinguishing breath. The day gone. But the songs play on. ____________________________ There is a sadness in the sunset, echoed in the sounds of evening's fall and the overwhelming darkness that covers everything. But those evening songs bring calm and peace. Forget the sadness, be at peace. Sit and listen.

#sunset #evening #night #darkness #birdsong #peace #quiet #sadness

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