• Tony Frobisher

The Silence Of Sounds

The Silence of Sounds I sat in silence Listening to the wind Rustling the reddened reeds As the water trickled In swirls and bubbles Fishtail swish and grabbing mouths Breaking the calm surface And every quiet sound Enhanced my silence I sat in silence And heard distant birds Singing their final song Before quiet unannounced departures To the warmth of southern horizons No fanfare call of tumultuous wings Just gentle, graceful flight I sat in silence Surrounded by the quiet approach of autumn The insect buzz of summer now gone The crackle of parched lands Under the burning sun Returned to mud and the sod That squelched upon my walk home I heard the softest patter of new rains And my silence was complete _____________________________ We sit in silence. But we are never truly alone in silence. Nothing fills me with a greater sense of calm than sitting silently, while nature's sounds play.

#silence #nature #sounds #peace #mindfulness

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